Sales Training: Good things come in 3’s

Good things come in 3’s – we learn the ABC’s, count 3-2-1, and Olympic medals are given to the Gold/Silver/Bronze winners.

In business, often times we see great things happen in 3’s as well. I am sure those experienced in presenting have been taught that the “Rule of 3” is a golden rule for presenting information – giving stronger retention. For those of us that are business developers – those who are the most successful in building business partnerships are those who involve:

  • Themselves
  • A Business Partner
  • …to target a common client segment

Too often, I experience business developers with a strong focus to outperform their set targets. While I commend their attitude, I would like to share some of their challenges. In many of these professionals’ minds, their objective is to sell or transact a business deal with their client, and it is evident in their business meeting conversations. Instead of focusing on trying to sell to your clients, how about focusing the conversation to involve:

  • Themselves
  • The Client
  • …to target reaching a future aspiration

By remembering that our clients are also in business and have goals they wish to achieve, being part of that achievement would make a far more collaborative business relationship. So how about it? Let’s learn from our past, focus on the present and create a better business future. And hey – if  your clients want to hear some compelling reason on why they should work with you – perhaps give them 3 reasons too!

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