Donald B Ma

Why your clients are not buying from you (Part 2)

Did you ever hear people say “First impressions are made to last?” Well, they are very right to say so. Quite often, I see very intelligent professionals not get the time and respect they deserve from others, simply because of the initial impression they made. I remember one time I was at a business dinner […]


Pitching to an International Audience / Part 2

All too often, we pitch to clients our offerings – our solutions, services, products, etc. Yet, we don’t take a moment to pause and think to ourselves – “How does this make our clients want to buy it from us?… Why would the client need to purchase this right now? What would compel the buyer […]


Empathy in Sales

A while ago, I wrote about the magic of the number ‘3’ in business. I’d like to express more on this magical number, and how it can help us have a better relationship with our clients –   Many experienced sales professionals understand the importance of asking questions, and the power of follow-up questions. Moreover, […]