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Evolving Consultants to Insight Champions

Over the years, the consulting industry has changed significantly. From mergers of larg companies… to expanded offerings… and competitive service pricing, consultants have had to take on additional duties. It was no longer enough to take a diagnosis, set of customer requirements and turn around with a consulting solution. The client had many options of consulting companies if that was all is required.

Our team have worked with global consulting firms to develop their consulting staff to become leaders – by presenting insights to their clients. By presenting insightful stories which are relevant to the audience, more productive and forward-moving conversations are held.The beliefs of the audience evolve and solution thinking is then aligned with the consultant whom shared the insight. As a result, the client relationship is at its strongest and the consultant has developed into a leader.

Impress your clients with your consulting team’s gravitas

Develop your consultants to present business benefits, not product features

Transform your consultants to present insightful stories, making them industry leaders

Financial Presentations for Business Leaders

With the competitiveness of today’s financial services industry, more resources are being utilized to win major bids. As a result, leaders of financial firms are being asked to be part of the pitch to clients – and the impact can be significant. When in that boardroom, the competition is already fierce and getting beyond the short-list often comes down to the feeling that is left upon the client after the delivery of the pitch.

Our team have worked with the largest global financial institutions to transform their leaders to become inspirational speakers – presenting compelling business cases, rather than just product facts & figures. More importantly, when presenting their pitch, we helped the executives we worked with, to focus on speaking about relevant information, with the right tone and depth. By connecting with the audience during the pitch and showing the client how much we’ve been thinking from the client’s perspective – the impact has been made beyond the pitch presentation.

Whether it be Portfolio Managers, Managing Directors or Chief Economists, our consultants have years of experience in developing senior financial executives to:

Deliver engaging seminar talks, projecting executive presence

Present with relevance, capturing the hearts of the audience

Command the situation, re-affirming their role as the expert and the leader

Medical Presentations that Inspire

In this world, we are blessed to have medical professionals whom are experts – and use that expertise to save and enrich the lives of others. Often, medical experts are invited to speak at conferences to share their expertise and experience. With the right intention and passion, medical experts are often challenged with too much information to present about, in too little time.

Our team have worked with the largest pharmaceutical companies to host speaker conferences that turn doctors into presenters and experts into leaders. Working with these medical experts, our team of consultants help them to assemble their information into easy- to-retain messages. As a result, the probability of the audience taking on a new perspective and action, post the presentation, is higher. Making the conference engaging, experiential and fun – conference delegates enjoy watching their progress happen in front of their eyes.

Develop doctors to become industry champions

Compel other medical experts to adopt new perspectives

Save time in preparing and delivering the presentation, Make a bigger impact

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