Donald B Ma

Why your clients are not buying from you

  You ever wonder why some clients who definitely need your product, won’t buy your product? We’ve all been there before – we meet with the client, who definitely has a need for our offering, and after our meeting, we expect the deal to close. Yet, no deal ever gets signed. Why is that? Well, […]


Pitching to an International Audience / Part 5

Noticing the way we speak to clients is critical – and the way we speak to others is not only limited to our mouth. We also communicate with our body language. Imagine a person who is very confident in a meeting – what would that person look like/sound like? How about a person who is […]


Pitching to an International Audience / Part 4

One of the biggest fears people have it speaking in front of an audience. Whether it be public speaking, making a presentation or delivering a sales pitch – the moment we stand up in front of those whom are sitting, our fear appears. I’ve heard people say that public speaking is more frightening than bungee […]